The Hardware, Provided by ESTENSIS


 The Unique Hardware 

Save Time and Space On-site

Das Terminal can be placed freely throughout a venue. Posters no longer need a dedicated hall, reducing rent costs. The quick and easy setup reduces personnel costs.

More Posters Than Ever Before

There is no longer a limit on poster numbers. Every terminal can display every poster, meaning more applications can be accepted and more delegates at your conference.

Poster Sessions Become Interactive Workshops

Audience-facing poster presentations with swivel-mounted iPad control provide speakers a more effective connection with their audience. An interactive workshop approach allows knowledge sharing on an entirely new level. These high-quality poster presentations create a richer experience for all delegates.

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Das Terminal - Details

  • Since 2012, Das Terminal has been the original and oft-copied role model for many hardware developments.
  • Das Terminal is a valuable collaboration between ESTENSIS and zehndetails.
  • Das Terminal provides a unique and comprehensive service which collects posters in advance, displays them all during the event, and makes them all accessible after the event.
  • Das Terminal requires no more than a power outlet and basic Wi-Fi.
  • Das Terminal offers a world-class poster service. We answer every email within minutes and support each author with their individual queries.
  • Das Terminal offers both portrait and landscape poster orientations.
  • Das Terminal makes a strong environmental statement. It abolishes the need for hundreds of thousands of paper posters, poster rolls, and adhesive strips...

NEW - Das Terminal mini


8 facts about
Das Terminal mini

  1. Powered by the same Poster App
  2. Send high quality posters to any email address
  3. Contact poster authors directly from Das Terminal mini
  4. A new presentation format with highlighted posters in lecture halls
  5. Created for large ePoster research areas (e.g., Poster Cafés)
  6. Can be seamlessly combined with Das Terminal
  7. Stainless steel meets our revolutionary Poster App
  8. New space for branding and advertisements on the SideBlades