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Content Submission

Hassle-free Speaker and Content Handling

The Excel import function lets you easily add poster submissions to your event. Invite everyone to submit their posters with just a single click. Invitation emails can be individualized with conference or sponsorship banners.

Real-time Submission Status

Morressier provides a clear overview throughout the submission period. Reminder emails can be sent to authors of pending posters with a single click. Create categories and allocate posters to particular terminals to easily organize your conference, even with thousands of posters.

Detailed Statistics

Sophisticated statistics during the submission period provide you with valuable insights into the online submission process. Always stay on top of things by tracking invitation and reminder emails along with poster submission progress.



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Poster App

Multitouch Interaction with Zoomable Posters

Discover and present posters with multitouch interaction. Zoom in to highlight certain parts of your poster and make them visible for bigger audiences.

Multimedia Content in Posters

Enhance posters with multimedia content. Up to 3 videos can be played simultaneously per poster. Multimedia posters set new standards for how scientific research is presented.

Share Posters via Email

Das Terminal lets you share any poster at the touch of a button. Send posters directly to your inbox or share them with colleagues and friends – no need to take pictures of paper posters anymore!


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Content Hub

Post-event Availability for Every Poster

Das Terminal provides access to all posters after a conference. Content remains online for further studies and later use. Missed a poster during the event? Content Hub has you covered.

Full Access Control for your Content

Not all posters should be publicly accessible. Access to the Content Hub can be password protected, and access control settings can be adjusted for each individual poster.

Access Code Vouchers Available On-site

If your Content Hub is password protected, the access code can be made available on-site, for example at the poster help desk or registration.